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Residential pest control Rockand County

Is Your Home Pest Free?

If you're like most people around Rockland County, sharing your home with pests is something you would rather not do. As a professional pest control company, Skilled Pest Control makes sure you don't have to. 

During our introductory conversation we will assess your situation and provide an instant quote for professional pest control services. In most instances, an onsite inspection is not necessary prior to providing a pest control estimate. Your treatment plan will be customized based on the exterminating needs of your home, but your pricing structure will remain intact. 

Commercial pest control Rockland County

Pest Control for Your Business

Pests can create unnecessary hazards for your employees, customers, patrons, and clients, and can become a major detriment to your business. Not all exterminators are up to every challenge.


From roaches and ants, to termites, rats, bed bugs, and more, Skilled Pest Control is among the finest exterminating companies in the Rockland County area. Our customized commercial pest management services are tailored to the specific needs of your organization to make sure you get exactly what you need, and don't end up paying for non-essential exterminator services.

Termite protection Rockland County

Is Your Property Termite Protected?

In Rockland County, termites do a lot of damage, and choosing a professional pest control company is an important decision. Fortunately, your search to find the best exterminator in Rockland County ends here. 

In addition to 24 hour pest control service emergency options, Skilled Pest Control prides itself on being one of the best local pest control service companies in Rockland County, with termite protection plans developed through years of exterminating experience. For a professional pest control company in Rockland County, Skilled Pest Control is ready to add you to its list of satisfied pest control customers.

We're Not Satisfied Until You Are. 

At Skilled Pest Control, our success is measured by your satisfaction. If you're not happy...we're not happy.

Our ongoing service plans include unlimited extra visits at no extra charge. So if pests return, so do we. 

Monsey Pest Control

Year Round Peace of Mind

As an SPC customer, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that we will return in the unlikely event your pest problem persists between your regularly scheduled pest control no additional cost to you. 

Our mission is to provide the year round pest-free environment you deserve, and we take that responsibility very seriously. 

No Long Term Commitment

At SPC, we want you to be a pest control customer for a long time, but not a day longer than you want to be. Your professional pest control service plan can be canceled at any time, for any reason.

Moving? Change in financial circumstance? Just want to discontinue your  exterminating service? No problem. We'll be ready and waiting when you decide to get things going again. 

Price Protection Promise

Unlike many pest control companies, our pest control service agreements include a built-in price protection guarantee which protects you from incessant or excessive price increases. 

You'll also have the peace of mind in knowing that the price you're paying for your professional pest control service is the best price offered for your particular service plan. 


Check out some of your most commonly encountered pests below or visit our Online Learning Center to explore more. 

Rockand Pest Identifcation Ant


Fact: The number of ants in NY is estimated to be 16.7 billion.

Just because ants are everywhere, doesn't mean you should have to live or work amongst them.   

Rockand Pest Identifcation Mosquitos


Fact: Mosquitos are the deadliest insect in the world. 

Get a quote for mosquito services and start enjoying your yard again.  


Questions about your account? Need to schedule an extra professional pest control service? Give us a call at 845-393-1475.

Rockand Pest Identifcation Termite


Fact: Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage each year. 

The best time to treat for termites is before they get into your structure. Schedule your free inspection today.

Rockand Pest Identifcation Rat Mice


Fact: A female rat can have more than 2,000 descendants in a year.

Nobody likes dealing with rats or mice. We can get them out. And we can keep them out. 

Rockand Pest Identifcation Spider


Fact: Few spiders in New York | New Jersey are actually venemous.

Tired of finding spiders in and around your home? Skilled Pest Control can help. 


Real time questions. Real time answers.

We've got a lot of bugs in the Rockland County area. If you've had a close encounter with some unwanted invaders and need some information or guidance, you're not alone.

At Skilled Pest Control, our pest management professionals have been tackling exterminating problems just like yours for a long time.

Visit our Pest Control Blog for insight into many commonly encountered situations, or check out our FAQs from people just like you.