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How to Spot Termites in Your Home

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

There’s nothing worse than finding out that you have a termite infestation in your home. Termite extermination is not only expensive, but it can be stressful and turn you out of your home for days at a time.

As with any termite and pest control, the best approach is prevention. Learn how to spot termites in your home before they become a problem spirals out of control

Flying Ant or Termite?

It’s not uncommon for people to see a termite and mistake it for an ant with wings. While ants are annoying and bothersome, they don’t tend to cause much damage to the home, so people often ignore these “flying ants.” Don’t fall victim to that! If you spot something in your home that looks like a light-colored ant with wings, call a termite and pest control company right away. Catching a termite infestation early is a great way to keep the problem under control.

Listen Carefully

Next time you get into bed, listen and wait if you hear any faint clicking or scuffling sounds coming from inside your walls. Termites can be noisy when feasting on wood, so a lot of people are able to hear them as they wreak havoc to their homes. If you can detect any noise in your walls, it’s best to call a termite and pest control company quickly. While it may not be termites, it never hurts to have a professional extermination service take a look around your home!

Hollow or Damaged Wood

While you might not be able to see the wooden structures of your home very easily, there are other places to check and see if termites have gotten ahold of areas near your home. If you have a wooden porch or patio, timber in your yard, or other exposed wooden elements, make sure you perform a periodic check. Termites eat through the wood and form small channels called “galleries,” which is a tell-tale sign of termite damage. If you spot termite-damaged wood near your home, be alert. There’s a good chance that they will move on to your home for their next feast.

Droppings and Wings

As with most pests, termites leave behind traces wherever they go. Termites are known for leaving droppings called frass, which looks a little bit like coffee grounds. They also can shed their wings and leave casings around your home. Be on the lookout for anything unusual in your home at all times and if you spot frass or other termite signs, call a professional termite and pest control company quickly.

Get Skilled Termite and Pest Control for Your Home Now

Knowing the signs of termites is important, but the only way to get rid of termites for good is to have them professionally exterminated from your home. Skilled Pest Control is an extermination company based in Rockland County that can take care of everything from ants to termites, and we’ll be happy to help you take care of your termite problem quickly. Give us a call now to get a free quote!

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