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How to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Although summer isn’t over yet (and it feels far from over), we all know that the cold nights seem to sneak up on us in Rockland County . When fall approaches, the best thing to do is cuddle up on the couch with a blanket to keep warm. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones looking to stay warm….mice are thinking the same thing!

Cold and wet weather has mice looking indoors to seek shelter, food, and warmth, which will have you calling a mice exterminator in Rockland County very soon. If you’re hoping to avoid an infestations of these unwanted pests in your home or apartment, read our tips for a mouse-free home!

Keep Your Home Clean

Like all pests, mice look for places where they’ll be able to find food and water. If you have crumbs or standing water in your home, mice are more likely to be attracted to your home. Any mice exterminator will tell you to sweep your floors daily to make sure that no crumbs or spilled food remain on the ground. Put food away and don’t keep standing water around for too long. With food and water out of the way, you’re less likely to have to call an Rockland County mice exterminator to fix your problem!

Seal Up Your Home

As you’re probably aware, mice are very small. This makes it easy for them to slip through cracks, vents, and open doors directly into your home. Make sure any vent or pipe that leads into your house have a tight metal or cement seal around them. Try not to keep any doors open for too long, and periodically check your walls and windows for cracks or openings. If you’re not sure if your home is protected, any professional pest control company can come out to perform a survey to help you keep those mice out.

Consider Adopting a Cat

No, it’s not just on TV that cats chase mice! If you’re thinking about bringing a pet into your home, remember that cats are natural hunters and could help you scare mice and other critters away! Of course, not all cats will hunt and catch mice, but those who spend time outside are more likely to be interested in chasing them. If you don’t want to adopt a cat, think about borrowing one from a friend for a few days. Your new feline houseguest might just be the perfect way to scare mice away.

Decorate With Cinnamon Sticks

While most humans find the smell of cinnamon pleasant and festive, mice are put off by the strong, spicy scent. Purchase a pack of cinnamon sticks from any grocery door and place them in bundles in cupboards, closets, and other places that mice like to spend time. This will turn the mice away while creating a natural, nice-smelling repellent!

Your Mice Exterminator in Rockland County

Sometimes, even if you do all you can to keep the mice away, you’ll end up with a few in your home anyway. They’re a common pest, especially in Rockland County , and just can’t be avoided in all cases. If you have a mice infestation in your home and need professional pest control to take care of it, call up Skilled Pest Control. We’re professional mice exterminators in Rockland County that can help you rid your home, apartment, or office building of mice for good!

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