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How to Avoid Pests in your Apartment Building

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

With a greater number of people living in apartments in recent years, residents have to be on the lookout for pest infestations more than ever. Pest control in Rockland County can be especially tricky, because cramped quarters and close-knit living are a gateway for insect and vermin outbreaks.

Even if you’re clean and neat, the other people living in your apartment building might not be. Who knows when the last time your next-door neighbors called pest management services for an ant invasion or cockroach problem? Before you know it, those creepy-crawlies could be in your apartment, too.

To keep those headaches away for as long as possible, Rockland County residents especially should follow these DIY pest control tips:

1. Keep Food Tucked Away

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Pests thrive in areas where food sources are readily available. Ants and cockroaches, which are among the most common apartment building intruders, love to find open food.

Perform your own pest control and store food in sealed containers. Make sure to keep the kitchen clean as well by cleaning dirty dishes, wiping down the floors and counters after cooking, and regularly taking out the garbage.

Professional pest control companies in Rockland County recommend:

  • Rinsing and drying sinks every day to eliminate water sources

  • Emptying toaster crumbs and wiping down appliances

  • Mopping at least once per week

2. Check for Leaks or Moisture

Like food, insects and vermin flock to water to survive. Your kitchen might be spick and span, but if you’re allowing moisture into your apartment, you’re providing free nourishment for pests.

Regularly check your ceiling, floors, and walls for signs of leaks and address the problems right away if you spot any. Dump any standing water when you’re finished using it and keep the toilet seat shut. Doing this routinely will save you from having to bring in professional exterminator services for an avoidable reason!

Professional pest control companies in Rockland County recommend:

  • Fixing any leaky faucets or shower heads

  • Checking for “sweating” pipes

  • Examining seals around doors or windows for signs of moisture

3. Kick the Clutter

How many times have you been cleaning out the attic or closet only to emerge covered in cobwebs and mothballs? Bugs, especially spiders, have a habit of nesting in cluttered spaces, which can serve as the home base of a pest infestation.

Exterminate the pests and keep the clutter in your apartment to a minimum. Buy baskets and hampers for anything you need to keep, and remove any old stacks of newspapers, magazines, and unused clothes.

Professional pest control companies in Rockland County recommend:

  • Throwing away old cardboard boxes or bins

  • Never storing blankets or clothes under the sofa or bed, unless in a pest-proof container

  • Regularly removing any built-up clutter and messes

Call Pest Control in Rockland County for Professional Extermination Services

pest control problems what you do, pests find their way into your apartment. If you find yourself with pest control problem on your hands, make sure to act quickly and call an extermination company right away. Skilled Pest Control serves the Rockland County area and beyond, assisting with everything from ant infestation to seasonal pest protection. Give us a call now or get a free quote online to kiss your pest control problems goodbye!

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