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How do I deal with roaches in my Rockland County apartment?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Your apartment might be the cleanest one in the whole building. You vacuum regularly, you dust often, and you make sure that you don’t have too much clutter. But if you live in Rockland County , your apartment is still vulnerable to a household guest that no one invited: roaches.

Cockroaches are often Rockland County apartment-dwellers biggest nightmare. Because the apartments are often so close together, your untidy neighbor can be the culprit for your roach infestation. But before you pack up and move or call a professional pest control company, there are a few things that you can to manage your cockroach problem in your Rockland County apartment.

Don’t leave food out in the open

The number one thing that professional pest control companies will always tell you is to not leave food out. Roaches and other pests are attracted to open food containers and any standing water, so make sure you seal up all food, get rid of standing water, and take out your trash regularly. Always sweep the floors and wash your dishes after every meal.

Keeping food tucked away will ensure that the roaches in your apartment will stop breeding while also preventing the new ones from entering entirely. This is an easy way to stop the cockroach infestation completely, which might save you from having to call professional pest control at all!

Lure them out with sugar

Like humans, roaches and other pests love sugar and sweets. That’s why you might often see ants and other creepy crawlies congregating around a spilled drink or melted ice cream. If the roaches are already in your apartment, you can use a combination of sugar and boric acid to tackle the problem.

Professional pest control companies recommend that you pick up powdered boric acid from any local hardware store. Combine three parts boric acid and one part sugar in a bowl and place in an area of high roach traffic. The sugar will attract the roaches and the boric acid will kill them. If necessary, repeat this a few times until they’re gone.

Bait them–and be thorough

If the boric acid isn’t enough, you can buy gel bait. Gel bait systems usually come in a tube and can be placed under baseboards, in cracks, and near areas that are likely to attract roaches like underneath the stove. The roaches feed on the gel, which poisons and kills them. And when other roaches eat the carcass, the poison also kills them, and so on.

This method is recommended by professional pest control companies because it safely eliminates roaches while also being highly effective.

Call a professional pest control company to clear your apartment of roaches.

At the end of the day, the best way to deal with a roach problem in your apartment is by calling a professional pest control service, like Skilled Pest Control. We’re a professional extermination service that offers everything from cockroach treatment to bed bug extermination and can make sure that your apartment is roach-free.

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