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Pest Control
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Mosquito Abatement


A Skilled Pest Control Mosquito Abatement Service Plan will help you enjoy the outdoor environment around your home, business, bungalow colony, shul, yeshiva, or summer camp. 

  • Monthly mosquito applications from April trhough October to provide ongoing, lasting protection all season long.  

  • One-time mosquito control applications for outdoor parties or events. 

  • Targeted mosquito control treatments to get rid of biting adult mosquitoes and break the mosquito life cycle to prevent mosquito larvae from pupating into biting adult mosquitoes. 

  • Increased protection from mosquito-borne diseases such as encephalitis, west nile virus, and zika. 

  • Get mosquito control as a stand-alone service, or bundle it with general pest control or termite control for added pest control savings.

  • Choose which months to have mosquito protection for. No long-term commitments. No contractual obligations.

  • Mosquito Neighborhood Discount Program: Effective mosquito management is a community issue. Skilled Pest Control offers discounted pricing plans when your neighbors participate. 

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