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Skilled Pest Control is the avant-garde Mouse Exterminator and Rodent Control Service in Rockland COunty.

 We are available in Ramapo Haverstraw and Clarkstown and other towns of Rockland County.

If you are searching for services that have experience and skill to handle any extermination situation related to rats, mouse and mice-  We are here to handle your position!


We use eco-friendly and greener services like traps, baits and rodent suspension which aids in decreasing their overall hiding places of the harbour.


Our Mice Exterminator Services can help you Protect your Home and Office Premises from Infestation.

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We have four step Mice control process to handle the situation

  • Inspection and Analysis: We inspect your facility and confirm the areas of existence where Rats and mouse harbour. 

  • Diagnose the causes: We evaluate the factors which are contributing to swelling of the infestation.

  • Determining the approach: We analyze the most effective approach in consultation with the owner to build a mouse free environment.

  • Preventing Further Infestation: We begin our treatment process by curbing the existing mice population and preventing the future infestations, employing the best Mouse exterminator methods.

Working To Bring About Effective Removal

Our Mouse Control Program has some key components that bring about better control of the mice population and stop their further nurture. This includes


Here we will excrete and eliminate out the typical breeding boroughs of mice in the bases by limiting their resources. We take extreme care while doing this and properly shelter your home essentials to limit infestations.



Typically the mice brooding can be restricted by abstaining their passageway. In the exclusion process, we conceal vents, tighten gaps, tackle wall voids by adding metal plates that are inadmissible.


Placing Apparatus

To Further secure the multiplication of Mice population, we utilize rodent devices such as catch, traps or baits. These are more eco-friendly ways than using chemicals that intensify air pollutants.


Mice are the disease carriers and it is pertinent to control their augmentation before they can pose some serious health issue to you, your children, employees or customers.

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At Skilled pest Control, We strive to be an organization that takes pride in exercising a customer-oriented approach. We strongly believe that our services should always outperform our client’s expectations.


Our profoundly skilled and expert staff is always enthusiastic to help you with Mouse Exterminator services in Rockland County.  Skilled Pest Control is available for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.


Everyday we spend our work hours in ditches, damage controlling on site and pledged to persistently clarifying all your pest problems in an affordable way.